Our proven system to help you dominate your market

Your Problem: No consistent system for winning new clients, you’re just surviving off referrals.

Our solution: We create a transparent proven system to help you consistently get new clients. 

This is how we set you up: 

1. We do the onboarding process. To get access to your Facebook Business Manager and make sure your Google my business account is properly set up.

2. We create the Ad copy and get your approval before posting. 

3. We create a one page funnel base around your company branding.

4. We set up a survey questionnaire on that landing page.

? we target areas you only want to work in?

? advertising goes live?

5. Once your prospects fill out the survey. You will get notified. 

6. It’s a one time setup fee. No retainers. Unless you want us to manage your online presence on a quarterly basis. 

7. You spend your own money on the ad spend to generate the leads. 

It takes 3-5 days until you see your leads start to come in. The algorithm is learning about your target market in the mean time. 

So if you want to learn more and if you want to fill up that new sales pipeline and keep it full, hit us up and we’d be happy to talk to you about what we do and if we’d be a good fit.

Have a lovely day ?

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