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Learn the art of online Sales & Marketing

The popular view is that only some people can sell and that salesmen are born, not made. In fact, the reality is that anyone can sell and that the art of selling can be learnt in the same way that any process can be learnt. Certainly, some people will have a natural aptitude for selling in the same way that some people have an aptitude for music or foreign languages, but anybody can achieve competence in selling if they want to.

If you’re the shy and introverted type, you will have to overcome some of these personal traits to follow the sales steps successfully. You’ll need to be brave enough to ask tough questions and overcome your fear of rejection.

Lucky for you, I will teach you how to overcome objections the right and smart way!

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Grab the buyer’s attention in the first few seconds
  • Begin the sales process and get big objections out of the way
  • Motivate the buyer to listen, and move through the sales process with you
  • Develop a great sales closing technique that starts in the introduction

Sam Trabulsi

We use sales techniques everyday without even knowing it! It’s the art of convincing that no one teaches you at school. Only a skilled sales professional can teach you the right way to sell yourself.

Whether you’re selling a product or yourself to get that job, you will need sales skills. Selling itself is actually a mix of different skills and techniques. It is a process that once fully understood, becomes obvious, and it involves a breath of interpersonal skills that center around human psychology and perseverance.

Online course filled with the secrets of sales and its magic!

? 1 Hour One-On-One Session after the course to answer questions

? Certification

You will also learn about truthful communication which is a lucrative sales strategy that will serve you well in your career


Let’s take a look at 7 reasons why it pays to be honest in sales.

  1. Customers know better
  2. Transparency makes the sales process run smoother
  3. Capitalize on opportunities missed by other salespeople
  4. Setting proper expectations reduces buyers remorse
  5. Authenticity makes you relatable
  6. Honesty opens the door for future deals
  7. Honesty breeds self-confidence
  8. Customers will pay on time

Never be afraid that you’ll scare off a potential buyer with the truth. Remember: the mark of a strong salesperson is both quantity and quality of sales. Focus on being 100% honest, transparent, and authentic. Not only is this the right thing to do, but this simple sales strategy it can put you on the fast track to achieving your career goals.

Course Outline

The entire sales process

  • The road of sales
  • The first impression
  • Prospecting
  • Email Script
  • Filling the sales pipeline
  • Cold calling basics
  • Overcoming objections
  • The proper Follow-up
  • Negotiations
  • Rules of closing deals
  • How to stay motivated

How to create a website

  • The different softwares
  • The best cost / Least expensive solution
  • Where & how to record courses/Services
  • How to present your brand on the website
  • Payment Collection Solutions (Even if you don’t want to create a business)

Boosting Strategy

  • The proper way to boost on Facebook and Insta

Interviews with experts

  • Know Yourself With Luciana Habib (Master NLP)
  • Legal insights with Business Lawyer Wael Hammam
  • Top Business Consulting Recommendations with Sadek Al Assaad CEO Zeder Group UAE
  • Virtual Office Solution with Roger Khater CEO BuBleik SAL

Workshop Bonus

  • My 2 E-Books:
    • Build and Monetize your brand
    • Stop wishing start selling
  • Access to the L.I.B.A.N International Business network
  • Affiliate Marketing Link
  • Ongoing Courses Update
  • One on One Coaching and strategy session

Your Life And Income Will Change

Once you’ve worked out how to sell, you’ll wonder how you survived without it. You’ll find those same skills hugely useful when negotiating with anyone, be it with your boss, employees, partner or child. How many times have you heard the expression “selling the idea”? It means what it says, and politicians are famous for it.

At a very basic level, there are five steps in making a sale, which are covered in this course:

Here are some of the secrets you will learn

Before you spend a lot of time on a prospect, you want to know if they are likely to buy.

  1. Are they the decision-maker? Do they have the power to sign the purchase order? Or are they an underling who has no purchasing power?
  2. Do they have the budget? Can they afford your product or service?
  3. Are they looking for what you have? If they need features or capabilities that you don’t have, you’re unlikely to make the sale.
  4. Are they looking to buy now? If they are just looking but don’t want to buy for a year, they won’t help you reach your sales target
  5. You must always keep your eye on the final objective of getting a purchase order. If you keep steering the process back towards that goal,  you’ll minimize the chances of getting lost during the sales cycle and you will finally close the deal.
  6. Closing the deal shouldn’t come out of the blue and the final close should be a natural progression from all the smaller, conditional closes that you’ve thrown out during the course of the sales process.

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