Are you taking enough action?

by Sam Trabulsi  - September 16, 2016

“Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die!” – Grant Cardone

I feel speechless every time I read the above quote. How can we accomplish any objective if we don’t take the necessary action to make it happen. Does it require a rocket scientist to understand that if you always do what have always done, you will always get what you have always got. It is easy to say, “Change your thoughts and you will change the world” but extremely hard to take the required actions to do so.

We seldom underestimate and neglect the amount of effort required to accomplish an objective. This is why I invite you not only to read but also to inhale the 10X RULE by Grant Cardone.  Set massive goals then take massive actions.




Do you think Steve Jobs only wanted to create and sell iPads? Do you think Elun Musk wanted only to create and sell electric cars? Do you think that Warren Buffet just wanted to create wealth? Do you think Mark Zuckerberg wanted only to create a platform where people can meet? Do you think that Larry page wanted only to create a universal search engine?

These people have one thing in common, they want to impact and revolutionize the whole world. They have massive goals, this is why they take massive actions on daily basis.

We both know that you are not taking enough actions to reach your goals. What is preventing you? What is holding you back from accomplishing what you want? Will you keep on blaming the situation or take the necessary actions to create positive change?

By the way, are you writing your goals on daily basis?





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