When you ask yourself about the pillars of a successful business – what comes to mind? High ROI? Great location? Pristine services?

… How long would it take you to list accountable team members?

If your answer is “..A while, Sam!” You’re forgiven!
Within the context of the workforce, accountability is essentially being responsible for specific tasks/functions and their outcome. When you really think about it, accountability across all levels is a crucial bolt in the jolt of any successful business.

As previously noted, my team members are encouraged to fail. By virtue, team members need to be accountable for their decisions, actions, and execution. In my time as a business owner, there have been instances where team members have not been able to hold themselves accountable and it has had detrimental effects on day-to-day operations and process’, deliverables and client retention.

So, how do you cultivate, or even reignite, a culture of accountability in your workplace?

1. Develop a sense of shared purpose

Emphasizing a shared goal and the benefits of delivering certain tasks. If team members work together collectively in the same direction, it helps to breed accountability

2. Don’t micromanage

Micro-management benefits nobody! Create specific goals and objectives and ensure there is nothing that is unclear or vague.. That way, team members determine direction and execution.

3. Empower your team members

Trust their abilities. Allow them to take control of the reigns, be solution oriented and creative.

4. Give Feedback

Give praise when it’s due and be sure to note what team members are doing correctly when offering them constructive criticism.

The bottom line is accountability curates continuous learning and improvement. It is important to note though, you cannot force individuals to be accountable – you can only create the environment,  encourage them and support them on their journey.

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Sam Trabulsi

I am a digital marketing entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the industry. I have a passion for creating effective digital strategies and campaigns to drive awareness, leads, and sales.

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