Do you ever feel like you’re trying to please everybody around you? Your friends, your family, your coworkers, your boss, everybody and you think that this is what makes you happy? Or you’re trying to be happy by pleasing everybody else?
If you’re trying to please everyone but you don’t please yourself, you please no one. Because if you’re not happy, you won’t be able to sustain making others happy.

So here’s what I want you to think about, whether you have a job, whether you’re an entrepreneur, whoever you are, if you’re just trying to please others, and you think that whatever will make them happy, will make you happy, even if you’re miserable inside doing that, think about being selfish for a minute.

I want you to think about you following your dreams. You’ve got to do what’s right for you, not for your friends, not for your family, not for your parents, not for anybody but for you because otherwise you will give up; And believe me, many times in my life, I’ve given up when I was following someone else’s dream, when I was doing something because I wanted to help, whether it’s been my parents in the past, my friends in the past, whoever it’s been, when I just tried to help them because I thought that was what would make me happy, if I saw their dream come true.
The reality is, if you’re not happy; if you’re miserable inside; if you’re not really doing what lights you up; if you’re not really following your dreams, your aspirations, you’ll give up.

The problem with putting others first is the following; You’ve taught them you come second!

In fact, there is a reward for knowing yourself which is everything you’ve ever wanted. It’s health, wealth, love, happiness, fulfillment and respect of your peers. In following your dreams, you might have to be a little selfish at times. Don’t think this being selfish is a negative thing with what I’ve just said.
Think of it as being something that when you’re lit up inside, when you’re pumped up and excited, amazing things will happen because you’ll be able to sustain that. You’ll be able to do it long term because eventually, the other way, you’ll bottle it all up and explode. Be true to yourself. That’s how I want you to look at the ‘Being Selfish.’ Being true to yourself, not being selfish as a negative thing but being true to you and following your dreams and your passions.

 Here are some important points to know about selfish people:

If you’re not hurting anyone, know that when someone tells you that you are selfish, they are actually telling you that you are a goal-oriented leader who knows how to take care of yourself.

People will have a harder time manipulating or taking advantage of you if you’re selfish, especially if you have trouble being self-focused, you might have trouble saying no.
If you have a well-developed sense of who you are, what you enjoy and the ability to communicate this to others, you’ll be a happier person.
Putting yourself first is not a negative quality; it’s your job to take care of yourself and get what you need.


Well here’s the thing about life, we will always face lots of challenges. This is why we make decisions, and with every decision you’re making, life will lead you to a different path. Knowing that there is greatness in each one of us, listen to me for a second:

“You have amazing potential, but if you don’t make the decision to put it into practice and take action, because you procrastinate and you’re focused on helping others instead of yourself first. You will just prevent the world from seeing your greatness.”

Sam Trabulsi

I am a digital marketing entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the industry. I have a passion for creating effective digital strategies and campaigns to drive awareness, leads, and sales.

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