When working with clients and influencers, it’s not always easy to find the right software and get accurate information about social media accounts and their competitors. Having tried many softwares, the one I used to conduct this study gave me 90% accurate information for the KPIs I was investigating.

Click this link to have the report and the software I used.

Country Rank

Country rank is assigned to every influencer based on the number of real followers and engagement from a particular country.

Engagement Rate

Engagement rate, which shows the percent of the audience who engages with the content posted by this influencer, including likes and comments.

Authentic Engagement

The metric shows the average number of organic likes and comments per post, i.e. likes and comments that come from real people, without using grey hat methods.

But WAIT??

There are many international successful Lebanese who have more followers!

Yes! As I mentioned earlier, each influencer can participate in several country rankings, but the score is displayed only for the country with the highest rank.

So the 100 accounts in the study, based on the software I used, have the highest rank for Lebanon in terms of followers and authentic engagement.

Click this link to have the report and the software.